I- Orchestral Compositions
A Winter Tale (Christmassy - Fairytale - Nostalgic)
Sylva Creatura (Fantasy - Whimsical)
Timeless (Buildup - Passionate)
Everlasting Peace (Quiet - Hope)
Adventum (Epic - Journey)
Pas de 2 (Valse - Elegance)
Open Road (Tension- Heroic)
Abiogenesis (Sci-Fi - Suspense)
Wind in the Field (Piano - Romantic)
Army of Angels (Choirs - Action)
A Wistful Morning (Voice - Sadness)
Damage (Hybrid - Distopia)
Light in the Darkness (Epic - Glory)
Dancing with the Sea (Dreamy - Melancolic)
An Odd Gathering (Adventure - Fantasy)
II- cinematic compositions
Dream of You (Sorrowful - Mellow)
Locus (Wonder - Sweet)
Clair Obscur (Tension - Delicate)
Broken Loop (Mechanic - Introspective)
My destiny (Nostalgic - Minimalist)
Out (Horror - Thriller)
Home (Emotion - Poetic)
Virtual World (Synthetizer - Tension)
Locus II (Solo Cello - Intimate)
Streets of Kyoto (Asian Pop Fusion)
Lybre (Electro - Freedom)
Spirit Land (Spiritual - Peaceful)
The Jazz Bazz (Jazz Fusion - Suspense)
All around the World (Electro - Power)
Massilia Jazz (Big Band - World Music)
Circus tale (Weird - Creepy)
III- Personal Compositions
Sable (Electro - Dream)
Hold On (Rock - Power)
Kalewe (World Music - Fusion)
New Orleans Evening (Swing - Jazz)
Monda Night (Electro - Pop)
Desafiar (Middle East - Flamenco)
Thrace (House - Travel)
Lipstick (Electro - Rock)
Jazzy Valse n°1 (Swing - Melancolic)